John Le Blancq's concept for an oval inlaid deck. Boats and docks should have no sharp corners.
John Le Blancq’s design concept for an oval deck with stone and wood inlay.


Full-service   waterfront  construction  of  docks,  boat houses,  decks,  ramps.


Distinctive  floating  and  terrestrial  design  and  construction.

John’s  family  shipbuilding  heritage  inspires  his  designs;  and  so  curves  feature  prominently  in  his  docks  and  architecture.  Shunning  the  utilitarian,  John  designs  with  an  artist’s  flair.

John  has  designed,  renovated  and  built:





Below  are  photographs,  in  various  stages  of  construction,  of  a  floating  steel/wood/stone  boathouse  John  designed  and  built.