Exhibiting  for  three  years  alongside  Canada’s  best   at  Toronto’s  INTERIOR DESIGN SHOW ,  John  has  showcased  a  design  range spanning  rustic  to  classic.

IDS 2009  showcased  yacht details,  including a boat-front console table with a wave-patterned floor inlay.  All of these details showcased the intricacies of John’s design ability, from bespoke flooring to high-end furnishing details.


IDS  2010  showcased ‘Split Personality’.  The same styled wall panels were juxtaposed: one rustic pine; the other,  refined mahogany.  Carved sconces on the rustic side were juxtaposed to crystal sconces on the other.

IDS 11


“If  it  does  not  exist,  design  it.”

  • Sir  Henry  Royce