Gothic and Medieval interior designed and crafted by John Le Blancq
Gothic and Medieval interior, carvings, furnishings, doors and windows crafted by John Le Blancq


John’s  designs  reflect  the  Art  of  living  comfortably.  Preferring  to  craft  specific  details,  he  avoids  big-box  components  wherever  possible.  This  ensures  a  truly  unique  interior  and  architecture.

PROFILE of John Le Blancq's custom kitchen published in Canadian Home Workshop Special Issue
PROFILE of John Le Blancq’s custom kitchen published in Canadian Home Workshop Special Issue

“CRAFTSMANSHIP, in  the  mind  of  John  Le  Blancq,  is  a  blend  of  philosophy,  tradition  and dialogue.  And  so,  when  Lewis  and  Judy  Samuel  called  upon  him  to  talk  over  the  possibilities  for  new  kitchen  cabinetry  in  their  island  home,  it  was  anything  but  a  straightforward  conversation.”  – Don Ross, “The Craftsman’s Kitchen” , published in CANADIAN HOME WORKSHOP MAGAZINE Special Issue, 2010

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Exhibiting  alongside  Canada’s  best,  John  has  showcased  a  design  range spanning  rustic  to  classic.

IDS 2009  showcased  yacht details,  including a boat-front console table with a wave-patterned floor inlay.  All of these details showcased the intricacies of John’s design ability, from bespoke flooring to high-end furnishing details.


IDS  2010  showcased ‘Split Personality’.  The same styled wall panels were juxtaposed: one rustic pine; the other,  refined mahogany.  Carved sconces on the rustic side were juxtaposed to crystal sconces on the other.

IDS 11


“If  it  does  not  exist,  design  it.”

  • Sir  Henry  Royce