I make virtually anything in Architecture and Interiors.     But  it’s  all  founded  upon  great  Design.

This word, “Design”….  It’s about protecting one’s  equity;  and about creating an expression of your personality;  and about comfort;  and function, and…. well, needless to say, it’s comprehensive.

Personally  speaking,  as an internationally published designer in a family business that pre-dates my own existence, I’m very careful in what I choose to create.     If it’s a renovation,  I envision the entire finished project, to ensure that there is both a cohesive and pleasing design that serves  your  Lifestyle, and that protects your equity/investment  (I could write volumes on how a bad renovation can actually LOWER equity;   and who wants that?).

And when I’m  renovating, or  redecorating, designing and crafting new architecture or furnishings,  I offer guidance on both budget, and value for the money.

I  shun trends, because who wants a ‘dated’ home?   (again, think long-term equity).

This creative process begins with a complimentary  conversation.  
Email: leblancqjohn@gmail.com



“As  a Designer,  I  enjoy  creating   memorable  Interiors   that   are   magical,  and   not   merely   a  dwelling,   or   a   workplace…”


John  Le Blancq    is  an  internationally  published,   Award-winning   Designer  and  Creator  of  distinctive  Architecture  and  Interiors.

His   philosophy  is  that  of  crafting  comfortable  yet   timeless  design,  using  quality,  natural  materials.    From  the  smallest  room  or  furnishing,  to  country  estates:   comfort  and  efficiency  are  his  guidelines  for  an  enjoyable  lifestyle.   The result:   lasting  equity  in  your  investment.    Style  remains,  when  fashions  have  faded.   




Elegance is never out of fashion… A comfortable Living Room designed and curated by John Le Blancq


Interior design, by John Le Blancq. Antiques reproduction is a specialty. The trumeau and Lord Nelson’s portrait frame were designed and crafted to suit. Sofas, chairs, and casework is designed and crafted by John Le Blancq



– P R O J E C T S –


Private  Residence,  1000 Islands,  Canada

A  whole-home  transformation  including  custom  wood  furnishings,  trims,  flooring,  and  structural  stabilization.  The  painted  English  Kitchen  with  serpentine  island  doors  is  the  showpiece  of  this  home.  A  truly  seamless,  fitted  kitchen,  the  walls  are  panelled  and  trimmed,  concealing  all  plaster.


Century  Home  Transformation

The  80’s  weren’t  kind  to  this  Ottawa  Century  Home.   Recreating  architectural  details,  John  designed  a  contemporary  kitchen  and  interior  that  is  true  to  the  era.


 Private Residence



 Samuel  Residence,  1000 Islands, Canada

“The  Craftsman’s  Kitchen” as  profiled  by  Don  Ross  in


This  whimsical  yet  period-authentic  Canadiana  styled  kitchen  was  inspired  by  the  love  and  respect  that  the  Samuel’s  have  for  their  collection  of  Canadian  antiquities.


Private  Residence



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